vip.limitededt.com is currently in beta - bugs and technical glitches may occur. Please email us at vipmember@limitededt.com along with details that could help us in our investigations. 



Member reservations and ballots are open to all active Limited Edt VIP members residing in Singapore.

Reservations and/or ballots are limited to one (1) pair per member only. 

All entry submissions are final; requests of any changes are strictly not permitted.

Reservations and/or ballots are strictly non-transferrable. 

A "NO RESELL RULE" may be imposed for selected models. (please refer to our social media channels for detailed information on the corresponding product). Members found flouting this rule will risk suspension of their membership privileges.



LE VIP Members must collect their winning pairs personally. No proxy allowed.

Some listings will have multiple locations for pickup. However, due to the limited stocks, your preferred pickup location might not be available.

Do keep a look out for email updates for any change of pickup location.



Limited Edt reserves the right to deny any entries/purchases to any member should he/she be found to not comply with the terms and conditions.

Limited Edt reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Other terms and conditions may apply.